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At Protectors of Animals, we take a very personal approach to our dog adoption process.  We believe that the key to making a perfect and permanent dog-to-home match is to get to know both the dog and the prospective adopters as best we can. We work closely with our dogs to get a sense for the best home environments for them, and we engage prospective adopters in a personal conversation about your situation and what type of dog you're looking for. Each dog has an adoption counselor, who gets to know the dog very well, and who can consult with prospective adopters individually to address your needs as well as those of the dog.  Perhaps you have questions about the dog that you'd like to ask before meeting them.  Perhaps you have special needs - like someone who is allergic, or you have cats or another dog.  Or perhaps you are simply diligent and rightfully particular about which dog you wish to spend the next 8 to 15 years of your life with.  We like diligence!  It leads to successful and permanent placements.
You'll want to meet the dog, of course, before making your choice.  You should expect, and we will require, for you to come meet the dog as part of the process.  But since we are all volunteers with Protectors of Animals, we keep our available dogs in local, private kennels around the Hartford area, where the dogs are housed and fed.  The dogs are viewable by appointment only, following a consultation with the adoption counselor, and pending a completed application.
Your first step is to call or email us regarding the dog of interest.  If it is determined that a match is possible, we'll ask you to complete an application form and email/send it back to us.  With a quick conversation, we may be able to address your important questions before investing your valuable time on the application form.  And if you don't have a particular dog in-mind, we invite you to call us anyway.  By speaking with one of our counselors, we may be able to recommend a dog for you, available either through POA or through other sources.  
Our easy, 2 page dog adoption application form is available at this link.  Contact us directly to speak with an adoption counselor prior to completing the application.
Thank you for choosing to rescue a dog, and thank you for coming to POA during your search.


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